portrait schmitzer

The "joy of organizing and building" characterizes our activity.

Bmst.Dipl.-Ing. Arnold Schmitzer
Managing Partner and Construction Project Manager

born on 5 October 1962 in Salzburg, Austria

  • 1981 Matura at the HTL Salzburg, specialising in building construction
  • 1981 Start of construction project management for the century buildings in Salzburg
  • 1982 Start of studies in civil engineering at the University of Innsbruck
  • 1988 Graduation as graduate engineer for civil engineering
  • 1988 Start as project manager and site manager in an employment relationship
  • 1990 First major projects as responsible construction project manager
  • 1992 Civil engineer examination as civil engineer for civil engineering
  • 1995 European quality manager examination
  • 1997 Consulting Engineer of the Bavarian Chamber of Engineers Construction
  • 1998 Developer testing
  • 2000 Examination to coordinator according to BauKG
  • 2000 Start of research projects on the topic "successful team building".
  • 2001 Foundation of the virtual construction team
  • 2001 Master builder examination
  • 2001 Owner of the patented Austrian trademark webCost, register no. 196940
  • 2002 Start of teaching assignments and lectures on construction project management
  • 2002 Foundation of the pm1 Group
  • 2003 Start of application of the innovative software webcost for construction cost management
  • 2004 Managing Partner of the pm1 Group
  • 2005 Beginning of the representation of the Salzburg master builders in the WK federal committee
  • 2008 Appointment as examiner of the master craftsman examination centre
  • 2010 Appointment to the board of the building academy Salzburg
  • 2012 Start as investor consultant, as one of the leading experts for construction project management 
  • 2015 Appointment to the development team of the FH Salzburg, master study "SMART Cities"
  • 2015 Lecturer for PM at the FH Salzburg for the course of studies "SMART Buildings
  • 2017 Establishment of the "pm1-constructions cost experts" training programm
  • 2018 Appointment as project advisory board "Centre Alpines Bauen" of the research project of the FH Salzburg in cooperation with state and EU
  • 2020 Award of the professional title BAURAT h.c. by resolution of the Federal President