project description

New building kindergarten in Völs

Project type: accommodation, hotel, gastronomy
Location: 6176 Völs

Bauherr: Marktgemeinde Völs
Architekt: DIN A4 Architektur

Demolition of the existing kindergarten and construction of an interim solution (alternative accommodation) for 5 groups on the site during the construction period.
Crèche with 4 group rooms on the ground floor and the cloakrooms for the kindergarten and the crèche, kindergarten with 6 group rooms on the upper floor.
The ground floor and the upper floor each have associated movement rooms, wet rooms, kitchen and bedrooms.

Challenges overcome:
Compliance with all required room sizes and proportions. Connection to the existing neighbouring building. Development of a concept that fulfils all the required criteria as favourably as possible.

PM1 Baumanagement is responsible for the project management.

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