project description

Thermal renovation elementary school Irrsdorf, Straßwalchen.

Project type: culture, education
Location: A 5402 Straßwalchen

Client: Marktgemeinde Straßwalchen Immobilien KG
Planning: pm1 projektmanagement, planen und bauen gmbh

The Irrsdorf elementary school consists of a first, second, third and fourth class. The two-storey building of this four-class school dates from the late 1930s.
A few years ago, an extension building with a gymnasium and music rooms was added on the north-eastern side - this is connected to the existing building. The roof of the elementary school has already been renewed and the top floor ceiling has been insulated. In the course of the thermal refurbishment, the school is to receive new windows including electrical sun protection for the classes during the summer holidays. The facade will be optimally insulated with Lambdapor extruded polystyrene foam panels. After completion of the renovation, the new façade will bear the logo of the Irrsdorf elementary school. Last but not least, the school will receive a new entrance portel that corresponds to the state of the art and safety.

Achieved added value for the customer:
Conversion and renovation of the school during the limited holiday period.

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