project description

Demolition and construction of the elementary school in Thalgau with forecourt and outdoor grandstand for community events.

Project type: culture, education
Location: A 5303 Thalgau

Client: PAROS-Immorent Grundverwertungsges.m.b.H. im Namen der Marktgemeinde Thalgau
Architect: Forsthuber und Martinek Architekten ZT gmbh

Classrooms, group rooms, work rooms, music room, religious room, afternoon care, management and conference room, library, caretaker's apartment, gymnasium including ancillary rooms and seating ramp, auditorium with stage area and grandstand, rooms for the shooting club incl. shooting range, stage for theatrical use, forecourt as community fairground, climbing centre (18m high) for alpine club.

Photos: Paul Ott

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