project description

Competition Entry "Hotel Millstättersee"

Project type: accommodation, hotel, gastronomy
Location: A 9872 Millstatt

Client: Private
Architect: project A01, Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schmitzer, Wien

The complex is placed on the foot of the slope at the lakeshore.
The building emerges from the green hills and is connected to the beautiful surroundings seamlessly by the green roof, providing a spectacular view over the lake.

At the end of the green roof promenade the fine dining restaurant is placed atop of the building, framed by glass for a 360° panorama.
The design consists of two main parts: An appartement complex in the north and a hotel complex in the south with lake view and access.
The building is designed to provide a unhindered view to the lake and easy and natural access to the surrounding facilities and green areas. A pier and green terraces depict the connection of the building and the lake.

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