project description

New construction of the boarding school of the agricultural college Klessheim in passive house standard. Excellent with klima: active medal.

Project type: culture, education
Location: A 5020 Salzburg

Client: Office of the Provincial Government of Salzburg (Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung Referat 4/08)
Architect: DI Christian Schmirl, Salzburg

a two-storey building with a one-storey connecting element to the boarding school was developed, which were passed on to the historical castle walls. The outer wall, which looks to the street, is like a shelteres patio. This is placed in front of the connecting component and can be used as an outdoor space. The main building is basemented and is connected to the lower school ground via an underpass building below the Klessheimerstreet.

Technical equipment:
heating: connection to the existing heating system with district heating, partial installation of the existing pipeline, FB heating in all areas on the ground and first floor, component activation of the STB ceiling in the basement, rooms with single room control

hot water: residential stations connected to the heating system, wet cell areas (boarding and general wet rooms) with “fresh water modules”, plate heat exchanger for hot water production (throughflow system).

ventilation: An aerating and ventilating system is used to ventilate the boardroom. The exhaust air is sucked over the baths and the supply air is introduced into the boarding rooms. Likewise, the inside spaces in the basement and in the ground floor are connected to the mechanical ventilation and venting. The ventilation system is equipped with a heat recovery system.

electrical engineering: lightning protection system and potential equalization, computer network, sound system, fire alarm system, gateway entrance in the entrance area, access control in the main entrance areas, telephone system, interior and exterior lighting by means of LEDs

Overcome challenges:
the upper floors are built in solid wood construction. Reconstruction during normal school operation with access management. In the course of the construction of the underpass construction, the Klessheimerstreet was renovated during the construction phase.

added value for our customer:
the boarding house is built in a passive house standard. Achievement of the quality level klima: aktiv bronce according to the criteria list of ‘building and renovation’. This klima:aktiv criteria catalog is used to document and evaluate the energetic and ecological quality of newly built educational facilities. An economical, saving and appropriate implementation by pm1 was ensured, as the klima:aktiv criteria were already taken into account in the tendering phase, through the interplay between specifications preparation and local building supervision, and the costs could be controlled accordingly. A blower-door test was carried out for quality assurance.

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