project description

The municipality Moosdorf built a new kindergarten for several groups of children.

Project type: culture, education
Location: A 5141 Moosdorf

Client: Friedensgemeinde Moosdorf
Architect: THOMAS BLAZEK - Architekturkantine

The new kindergarten in Moosdorf invites children on different levels to romp, cuddle, play and learn and offers an individual platform that adapts to the children. The rooms are made of wood and guarantee a beautiful lighting atmosphere at any time of the day thanks to generous light domes, portholes and large glazing. The interior of the kindergarten has views and doorways from one group room to the next as well as to the exercise room - so the exchange of groups among each other should be more possible.

Challenges overcome:
In the shortest possible time, tender-ready foundations had to be created in coordination with the municipality and the architect and in compliance with all legal requirements. The award procedures were then carried out in compliance with all deadlines. Subsequently, all bids had to be examined and awarded to the best or cheapest bidders in consultation with the municipality.

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