project description

Construction of a new school building in Abtenau.

Project type: büro, verwaltung
Location: 5441 Abtenau

Client: Marktgemeinde Abtenau
Architect: Schwarzenbacher Struber Architekten ZT GmbH

A new school building is being built, in which modern forms of teaching will be offered. The main wing of the school building consists of four floors above ground. The checkrooms and the library (ground floor), the class clusters and the administration (upper floors 1-3) are accommodated. The storage and technical rooms are located on the ground floor.

The adjoining two buildings house the gymnastics and multifunctional hall with integrated stage as well as the checkrooms and sanitary facilities on the ground floor. The lunch area is located in the center between the hall and the main wing (ground floor). The creative, work and music rooms as well as the physics and chemistry room are arranged on the upper floor.

Challenges overcome:
Conversion during ongoing operations without resorting to container classes.

PM1 is responsible for the project management.

Visualization: (c) Schwarzenbacher Struber Architekten ZT GmbH

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