Professional assumption of the legal obligations particular to the property developer according to the Construction Work Coordination Act (BauKG).

In order to comply with the legal provisions of the BauKG, all principles for the prevention of risks to health and safety must be observed, coordinated and implemented in the planning and execution of your construction project. For the purposes of fulfilling developer obligations, the property developer may commission a project manager in accordance with the BauKG, who prepares the advance notice and appoints a planning and site coordinator in accordance with the BauKG, in the event that employees from several employers work on-site simultaneously or successively.

With our trained and certified employees, we can relieve you of this legal obligation.

Among other tasks, we prepare the safety and health protection plan and put the document together for later use. We inspect the site, report risks to the health and safety of employees and call in the Health and Safety Executive as and when required. Your project should be free from accidents.

Your benefits from appointing a responsible party in accordance with the BauKG:

* Delegation of the legal BauKG obligation
* Major reduction in the risk of accidents on the construction site
* Reduction in the risk of accidents in later service
* Risk prevention with documentation

 pm1 baukg-compliant site coordination.