Professionally conducted conceptual competitions for obtaining design proposals based on your project objectives.

The purposeful and innovative realisation of your project idea is of vital importance in being able to fully exploit the potential of your real estate.

We offer you support in conducting an architectural/conceptual competition. Together with you, we prepare the competition specifications, ensuring a cost-effective result based on the underlying technical and legal circumstances. The type of process must be decided upon, the composition of the jury defined and, above all, the invitation for competitive submissions must be structured in the most “incontestable” manner possible.

In our role as organiser of the competition, we answer and coordinate enquiries and organise the colloquium.
Following preliminary technical examination of the submitted competition projects, we prepare an inspection report and organise the jury meeting.
We can also relieve you of the burden of handling the commercial side of the competition, for example in defining the amounts awarded for the prizes or settling accounts with the competition participants and the jury.

With our know-how, we can ensure a fair and friction-free process.

Your benefits:

* Clearly defined competition guidelines
* Use of the most suitable method
* Support in dealing with objections
* Fair, independent inspection
* Relief of the burden of handling the competition
* Advice in ensuring submission of an ideally suited winning project

Your project takes shape.
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