Professional building project management to ensure adherence to your cost, deadline and quality guidelines

At pm1 – Building Project Management (BPM), we organise, structure and coordinate the realisation of your project. In our role as “trustee”, we represent solely your interests as a property developer. We ensure that the project objectives are met precisely.

We know “what to do” and you can concentrate fully on your “actual” work.

You are relieved to a great extent from the stress of managing a construction project and have your mind free to make higher priority, non-delegable decisions. We act on your behalf in planning, steering and controlling the project preparation, planning, execution and project conclusion phases.

We control your project reliably and successfully with our structured approach.

Your benefits:

* Substantial relief for the property developer
* Costs, deadlines and quality are assured
* Reduction in unplanned additional costs
* Optimised project schedule
* Cost-effective projects tailored to your requirements

The objective: to solve problems before they have a chance to arise.

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