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safety through decades of experience

what is the added value?

Independent construction project management brings multiple benefits for the client as soon as the scope and difficulty of the project work means that it no longer finds a place in the client's daily routine.

pm1's qualified construction project management (BPM) therefore not only takes on many client services but also a great deal of responsibility. Among other things, with webCost we have our own award-winning software for construction project controlling in use for you.

The client's fee expenditure becomes a profit due to the efficient services of the construction project management and the resulting advantages:

  • Compliance with construction costs - we are the construction cost experts
  • earlier project completion and associated financial benefits
  • Cost reduction through coordinated planning processes
  • Security through defined processes and release runs with state-of-the-art software
  • Avoidance of mistakes through extensive experience
  • Cost reduction through continuous construction preparation and execution
  • Early detection and avoidance of quality defects
  • Continuous project documentation
  • Securing the success of the project and reducing the project risk

The world is becoming more and more complex. That's why we need people - like the pm1 staff - who can reduce this complexity. This enables our clients to make better decisions.

the goal: to implement the client's visions for the future. relief and safety in project management. smart, sustainable buildings.

This is what pm1 stands for with its experience.
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